“I CANNOT COME DOWN”– The life of Nehemiah   5 comments

Have you ever read about Nehemiah? Well, he is one of the great men of God. This man had the desire to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem the city of God. When he heard that the city’s wall were broken down he sat down and wept and mourned for certain days and prayed before the God of heaven. Nehemiah never ceased in urging God to allow him to go back in his city and help to start rebuilding the wall. While starting to rebuild, he encounter many trials, discouragements, and persecutions, yet he didn’t stop doing the great work for the Lord!

The life of Nehemiah shows the life of many Christians today. We know that Christian life is not an easy life but the sweetest and greatest life to live. Many times we experience many hardships in our Christian life but these hardships helps us to strengthen more our faith and trust in God. Hardships, discouragements and even persecution brings to us pressure but the fact is, all of these are natural in our life. God sometimes allow us to go through these because He want us to be strong and firm-rooted Christian. Friend, don’t be dismayed of those things but ask God to help and comfort you from those things you’re going through in your life. He just want us to face and take those pressures as a stepping-stone in our life! There are two things that we should do in order to claim the blessing and be a victorious Christian from those troublesome or depressions we have. The first thing we need to do is to “Begin with Prayer“. We need to face and live our life with prayer. Prayer is very important in our life especially when we’re going through hardships and depressions. I firmly believe that prayer is a substance that we need to make our living strong and complete. Nehemiah started the work with prayer, not just a prayer but a sincere prayer. When he started to work, God’s blessing, guidance and presence is with him to protect against their enemies. Just like Nehemiah we’re still building our wall in order to be strong and protected from any attack of destruction comes from Satan that can cause us to come down.

We need to be a passionate and persevere in doing or building our wall in the Word of God because there is no other firm and strong foundation of lives than the Word of God.Never cease in building your wall! Nehemiah didn’t stop in doing the great work and serving the Lord in spite of his trials and persecutions until he finished it! His secret why he finished the work is PRAYER! “No Souls can be healthy without prayer!”

While the second thing we need to do after we begin with prayer is to “Take a step of Faith” We need the faith to finished our work, faith to God!. Because it makes negative things to positive, impossible to possible. It is important in our daily living while walking in our Christian life because we cannot succeed and overcome our problems without faith. Faith and prayer are both important and necessary in life because “we cannot step the steps of faith without prayer.” It is amazing that when in times of trouble many Christians were easily defeated by the enemies and never continue to work. It is because of the reality that when we are in time of trouble we need firm faith and prayer to God.

Many times in my life I experience many problems, pressure, trials, and discouragements that makes my faith and  prayer life to be firm and stronger! Although these things were happening in my life I’m still thanking and praising God for His everlasting love and faithfulness to me in spite of my unfaithfulness to Him because through Him I’ve overcome all these things. By these experiences in my life and some Christians that have been part of my life, I realized that when we are in time of troublesome and we don’t have a firm faith, prayer and principles from God’s Word (our wall) it is so easy for us to say the phrases, “I QUIT!”, I GIVE-UP!”, “I SURRENDER!” and never continue in building the wall. But it is hard to say the phrase “I CANNOT COME DOWN” it is because we don’t have faith and prayer! Nehemiah prove himself before God that he love Him and his city. He said this phrase “I CANNOT COME DOWN” because he didn’t stop until he finished the very great work in spite of his trials. He had done it because he started with prayer and take a step of faith. I encourage everyone of us to finish our wall in life as Nehemiah did. If he had finished and have victory in doing the great work with God, We can too!

(Thanks for reading this simple article that God put in my heart last June 14, 2o1o)


5 responses to ““I CANNOT COME DOWN”– The life of Nehemiah

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  1. Amen for that my bro!

    Alexander Ocampo Jr.
  2. 🙂 well done kapatid…

  3. Nice job… pursue your passion… galing!!!!!!!!FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

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