What’s in the name Baptist Passion Generation?   1 comment

Baptist Passion Generation carries a treasure of heritage we Baptists died for in the records of our brave and godly history. One word will best define the Baptist Fire that has been kept through the ages and that word is “Passion”… in today’s Generation we want to present to the whole world the Cry that lies in the hearts of young men and women of the next Baptist Generation-The Baptist Passion Generation!


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One response to “What’s in the name Baptist Passion Generation?

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  1. jEmUeL kEEp sErvinG GOD.. bE iNspirAtiOnaL tO othErS.. bE a gOOd CHRISTIAN.. thAnkS sA iNyO.. i’M kEEp sErvinG GOD.. Lht nG tRiaLs kAkAyAniN cU.. mAdAmE nA diN nAbAgO xkN.. at nAkAkAhinAyAnG nAmAn kUnG Lht nG nAtUtUnAn cU sA CHURCH aAi kAkLmUtAn cU.. thAnkS sA iNyOnG Lht.. kEEp fAith.. stUdy hArd.. dOn’t qUit.. wG mUnG ipGpApLt anG pAgLiLinGkOd mU sA isAnG maLinG bAgAi.. bAtA kA pA.. hiNdi keLangAn mGmAdaLi sA pAgmAmAhaL.. at gAnUn diN xkN.. i’M wAitinG fOr GOD’s wiL.. GODBLESS..

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