Our Strength To Go On!   2 comments

Who am I? Why am I here? Where I am going? Does my life make any sense at all? I often ask these questions in myself every time I am in down situation. I often feel totally insignificant, a stranger to the vast groups people right around me. Except for a few close friends, and men of God. God found me a very out-of the-way place– a wretched and lost sinner guy in a very influential environment or place here in Halang Calamba City. I was a simple and lost person who spent many part of my life in many worldly things in this world that only God knew about, yet he desired me for His design and purpose. He called me to be His servant here in Carpenter’s House Baptist Church, although I am not a great warrior, rich, worthy to serve Him but by His grace a willing to serve Him even in obscurity.

And I believe that He calls you too. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and going through in your life, He is calling you. In the midst of your pain and struggle, He calls us to serve Him, to work and do His blessed will. He calls us from our place far away from Him, to come and live close to Him. From being a nobody to finding identity in Him and in serving Him. We are chosen by Him to be one of His treasure and not His slave. Not rejected, but accepted  by the living, matchless, majestic God and Saviour. No matter what we are going through in our Christian lives, it is essential that we remember that God is: “the I AM, the Living God, the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Provider, the Healer, the Nurturer and He always says to us that He is with us, beside us, behind us, and ahead of us. He also says, Don’t be discouraged, depressed, defeated, overwhelmed or troubled. Because we are of God and He is ours, He will never let anyone to harm us or anything defeat us. As I talk with someone while doing this article I realized that God provide somebody to help me, and show me His greatness in our life, I thanked God for that! I’m glad that aside from God, He provided someone that can help me and willing to hear my thoughts and my testimonies.

We know and believed by faith that He is not a stranger to us, not unaware of struggle and hardships because He knows, loves, and own us completely. He will strengthen us to carry our cross as we follow Him, He will help and carry us. When we fail or fall He is ready to uphold and catch us with His mighty and righteous hand with strength and wisdom.

So, How can we help but trust such loving Father? How could we not believe Him? How could we not let Him have His way in our lives? How could we possibly resist giving Him our pain and struggle, let Him make sense of it all and make impossible things in life into possible!

(Thanks for reading this new article I made while serving God, I just want to help everyone to remember the source of strength in our life. God Bless! just leave a comment it will be a great blessing to me.)


2 responses to “Our Strength To Go On!

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  1. i feel speechless kapatid. not only because im tired and stressed but because i was really amazed by your writing. well done. 🙂 keep it coming.

    • hehehe gnun po ba kapatid? ehh by the help of God un kapatid and by studying hehehe..gusto kong mamaster ang english grammars hahaha.. 🙂 tnx for your comment I really appreciate that…ksi un lng nmn nkkpgpasaya skin..ehh ung may tao aqng naencourage and respond by comments tnx God Bless!

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