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Text: Psalm 80

  1. I. ASAPH’S PRAYER—vs. 1-3—In these verses the Psalmist addresses the Lord and prays for renewed favor upon his people. The Psalmist regards the sad condition of the people as the direct result of God withdrawing His favor. Sometimes, like Israel, things do come in our lives that shouldn’t be there and it causes God’s favor to be withdrawn.
    1. A. The psalmist begins by asking God to listen to his prayer.
    2. B. In the New Testament there is a Threefold Application of the Shepherd Title
      1. As the Good Shepherd—He gave His life for the sheep
      2. As the Great Shepherd—He is our risen leader
      3. As the Chief Shepherd—He will rewards His under shepherds who have tended His flock in His Absence
    3. C. In the Old Testament—The Shepherd of Israel is set forth in four aspects
      1. He is the Strong Shepherd—Gen. 49:24
      2. He is the Serving Shepherd—Isaiah 40:11
      3. He is the Smitten Shepherd—Zechariah 13:7
      4. In our text he is the Shekinah Shepherd—Psalm 80:1
    4. D. Aren’t you glad that we have a Shepherd that will “give ear”!
  2. II. ASAPH’S PROBLEM—vs. 5-6
    1. A. The Problem in this Chapter was national Calamity. Israel was away from God. They were in complete rebellion and as result of God was chastising them.
    2. B. Your problem may not be one national proportion.
      1. It may be small, personal problem that no one knows abut.
      2. It may be a physical problem.
      3. It may be a family problem.
      4. It may be material.
      5. But no matter what the problem, our Shepherd has the solution.
  3. III. AN ALMIGHTY PERSON—“cause thy face to shine and we shall be saved!”
    1. A. Asaph showed confidence and trust in God.
    2. B. He was saying, “God is you’ll just show up everything will be alright.
    3. C. This Psalm is filled with an earnest and repeated prayer for deliverance, and the Psalmist bases his appeal upon God’s dealings with Israel in the past.
      1. The Psalmist is saying, “God’s done it before and I’m looking for Him to do it again.”
      2. God has done great things in the past and I believe He can still do today.
      3. Anything God has ever done He can still do today!

Conclusion: In America today it seems that there is no hope. It seems that Satan and his demons have taken charge and have the upper hand. We must remember that our God is still on the throne. We should not get disheartened to the point that we feel we can do nothing about this situation. Even in the midst of the most terrible circumstances God’s face can shine. His face may never shine all over this country like it once did, but I intend to let the shekinah shine in my heart if it shines nowhere else. Noah and his family were rejoicing over the fact that they were saved from the judgment of God.

  1. “Cause thy face to shine”—I shall be saved
  2. “Cause thy face to shine”—My family shall be saved
  3. “Cause thy face to shine”—My Church shall be saved

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