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Making Well In The Valley-(Psalm 84:6)


Jerusalem was situated on a hill. In order to get to Jerusalem, the pilgrim must pass through a hot, dry, and barren valley.

  1. Three Names of Valleys around Jerusalem
    1. Rephaiam—Shadows
    2. Hinnom—Wailing
    3. Baca—weeping
    4. Temple—The of Worship—at Jerusalem I. THE NECESSAR PATHWAY— “through the valley of Baca”
        1. A. The People—“every child of God must expect to pass through this valley of tears.” The city of Jerusalem could not be reached without passing through some valley.
          1. 1. Principle—There can be no Jerusalem without valleys.
          2. 2. Path—To His presence, His power, His praise, His position will be through the Valley of Tears. (Need to dwell on this lesson)
            1. When you pray to be used, for power, for people, for revival, for souls, God requires the path through the valley of Baca
        2. 3. People—Sometimes we think we are the only ones who pass through the valley of Baca.
          1. Saints—To get to their Jerusalem had to pass through the valley of Baca

(1)   Moses—Red Sea open—40 years on Backside of Desert

(2)  Elijah—Fire fell on the altar—31/2 years of famine.

(3)  Daniel, 3 Hebrew children,

  1. Saviour—to get His Jerusalem had to pass through the valley of Baca
  2. II. THE NOTICEABLE PASSING—“Who passing through the valley”
    1. A. Through—No pauses, no layovers, no stops, no delaysWe may not be able to avoid the Valley of Baca—But the valley will not stop us—Those who have set their sights on the mountain will not be delayed by the valley.
      1. We may not be able to avoid the Valley of Baca—But the valley is only temporary.
        1. a. Psa. 30:5—“weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”
        2. b. Psa. 34:19— Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.”
        3. c. Prov. 4:18—But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”
  3. III. THE NOBLE PERFORMANCE—“make it a well”
    1. A. The Peril—The Pilgrim is on his way to Jerusalem and all of a sudden—Here’s this Valley!
      1. 1. Distortion of the Saviour—You’ll accuse God, blame God, for the valley.
      2. 2. Disbelief of the Scriptures—You’ll find Scriptures that worked before, don’t make sense now.
        1. Satan tempted Jesus—Tried to get Him to doubt the scriptures but Jesus knew the Word of God worked as the believer walks in the will of God. Moses—Red Sea—in the will of God.
        2. 3. Despair of the Soul—You’ll throw up your hands and quit—Abandon God—Desert God.
      3. B. The Production—“make it a well”—change, build, construct
        1. 1. Principle—In the Word of God—there is an Answer for every question, A Solution to for every problem, and a Victory for every defeat
          1. Take that place, that Valley where it appears you’re  going to be defeated, stopped, conquered, destroyed, or die and MAKE IT A WELL!

(1)   Realize you’re passing “THROUG”

(2)  Realize it’s for your GOOD and your GROWTH

  1. Bitter or Better, Worry or Worship, Endure or Enjoy
  2. Paul and Silas—Made a well in their valley
  3. Paul wrote Philippians—From the prison
  4. 2. Possibility—When you “make it a well”—There will be a well for the  next one going through the valley.

Conclusion: Why doe God permit the Valley of Baca?

  1. 1. For our Good—Each time you are called upon to walk through trouble, you come out a better person.
  2. 2. For our Growth—When we walk the path of suffering, we draw closer to God.
  3. 3. For others Guidance—You cannot lead others where you have not been.

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